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About Welfare Partners

Welfare Partners is a new digital service for business partners of the Department of Social Protection (DSP).

Business partners are organisations who engage with the Department to provide a service. The first service to be provided on Welfare Partners is the Community Employment Programme, additional services will follow.

How to access Welfare Partners ?

  1. An organisation associated with the Department must first register with the Revenue Online Service (ROS). Visit for more information.
  2. Users will not be able to access ROS or Welfare Partners until the organisation's administrator retrieves their ROS administrator certificate. Visit for more information.
  3. The person who downloads the ROS certificate initially becomes the ROS Administrator and has full access to all ROS functions for the ROS account of that organisation.
  4. The Administrator has the ability to create ROS sub-certificates for authorised employees who need to access Welfare Partners on behalf of their organisation Visit for more information on sub-certificates.
  5. A sub-user certificate or linked certificate can only be set up by the ROS Administrator.
  6. The Administrator will be required to enter the Employer Registered Number and the work email address (not generic) for each employee (supervisor) to obtain the sub-cert and this must be the same email address as advised to the Department.
  7. Once the ROS sub-certificate has been granted, a sub-certificate will allow access to Welfare Partners on behalf of the administrator, in accordance with the permissions the administrator has granted the user. Permission to access the system must also be authorised by the Department.
  8. For CE, the Department must have details on the Supervisor e.g. name and work e-mail address (not generic). The details provided by the supervisor from the ROS sub-certificate will be further authenticated against the Departments system and authorisation granted to access Welfare Partners.

For more information please refer to the ROS Help Centre.

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