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About Welfare Partners

Welfare Partners is a new digital service for business partners of the Department of Social Protection (DSP).

Business partners are organisations who engage with the Department to provide a service. The services which are currently provided on Welfare Partners are as follows:

Community Employment Programme

Community Employment (CE) is an employment programme with the aim of helping the long-term unemployed to re-enter the workforce by breaking their cycle of unemployment through a return to a regular work routine. CE also provides training and development to participants.

To become a Community Employment Project Sponsor or to get more information on the Community Employment Programme please click here.

If you are a citizen go to where you can access a range of self service options.

Treatment Benefits Services

Treatment Benefits is a scheme run by the Department of Social Protection (DSP) that provides dental, optical and medical appliance (including hearing aids) services to qualified people. The Treatment Benefit Scheme is available to insured persons and retired people who have the required number of PRSI contributions. Customers who wish to claim under their spouse/civil partner/cohabitant must complete the application form available at the practice. This form must be signed by both parties and posted in to the treatment benefit office.

You must have a contract with the Department of Social Protection to participate in the Treatment Benefit scheme. If you do, and you have a ROS (Revenue Online Service) account, you can create a DSP digital sub-certificate to access the following services via the Welfare Partners digital service:

  • Submit a Treatment Benefit Eligibility Check for your customers
  • View Treatment Benefits Eligibility Check status for your customers
  • Submit a Treatment Benefit claim for your customers
  • View claim status and payments made to you
  • View your Department of Social Protection Contract information
  • Send a request to update your contact or payment information

For further information regarding the Treatment Benefit scheme, click here

If you are a citizen go to where you can access a range of self service options.

Wage Subsidy Scheme

The Wage Subsidy Scheme is a scheme run by Department of Social Protection (DSP) to give a financial incentive to private sector employers to employ people with a disability. The work offered must be for a minimum of 21 hours per week and the subsidy is available up to 39 hours per week. An employee with a disability on WSS has the same conditions of employment as other employees. The Scheme is structured in three strands - the employer can benefit from one or all simultaneously, based on the number of employees on their scheme.

To access Wage Subsidy Scheme on Welfare Partners, the employer must first have been registered on the DSP internal system. Additionally, a DSP digital sub-certificate (to be downloaded from your ROS account) is required to access the following services:

  • Submit Wage Subsidy Requests (WSRs) for funding
  • Review WSRs submitted and associated payments
  • Review Scheme Claim & Participant details

For further information regarding the Wage Subsidy Scheme or assistance with accessing the scheme on Welfare Partners, click here.

Redundancy and Insolvency Payments Schemes

The purpose of the Redundancy Payments Scheme is to ensure that eligible employees, who have lost their employment by reason of redundancy, receive their statutory redundancy if their employer is unable to pay. The employer is liable for the payment and the Department will seek to recover any payments made on their behalf.

The Insolvency Payments Scheme protects the entitlements of former employees of companies that have become legally insolvent. An employer representative, such as the official liquidator or receiver, may claim various outstanding debts due to employees, including arrears of wages, minimum notice, and holiday pay.

To access this service on Welfare Partners, employers and employer representatives will require a Department of Social Protection (DSP) sub-certificate, which should be downloaded from your ROS account. Detailed information on how to apply for a DSP sub-cert can be found on

You can find further information regarding the Redundancy and Insolvency Payments Schemes and assistance with accessing the scheme on Welfare Partners on

Please contact the Redundancy and Insolvency Payments team with any queries at

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